TSE International introduces the World’s First Wireless Tension Stringing Solution.

TSE’s innovative In-Command system is a radio operated system that sets the role of tensioner and puller automatically via remote transmission.   The wireless communication network is controlled by a single skilled operator at the Puller to conduct the tension stringing process with an observer who can perform basic functions at the Tensioner.

The remote system allows the puller and tensioner to communicate operating parameter values in real time with each other with the operator at the Puller inputting parameters.  As the control system on the puller calculates new values for the tensioner and wirelessly communicates them to the tensioner, the changes are communicated immediately and accurately.

Safety of the stringing operation and risk of damage to the equipment and lines are all significantly reduced through the utilization of real-time, accurate communication.

Range: 1 mile

  • Light to moderate obstruction.

Customer Dilemma
Experienced operators are in high demand
Operating costs and safety concerns are on the rise

Our Solution
Decreasing skilled operators by 50%
Decreasing operating costs while increasing safety